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Rent our place:

Book a room:

You can totally book a room for minimum 5 friends.  This room is yours with 2-3 consoles and will be yours from when you arrive to we close, or when you decide to leave the room.

Thursdays will only cost the minimum of 5 times entrance fee, which means you can book a room on Thursdays for 250 kr!!!

Friday and Saturday we take a 500 kr reservation-charge + entrance fee, which means minimum of 750 kr. INTROPRICE, 250 KR + entrance fee (minimum 500 kr)!


Events, like Birthdays (outside of opening hours).
Saturday, just before opening: 1500 for 2 hours – INTROPRICE 1200 KR

Sunday or weekdays: 1700 kr for 2 hours.

Inside of the opening hours, weekend:

Closed revenue: 3000 kr for 2 hours (18-20), 5000 kr for  3 hours, 19-22 and 7000 kr for whole night (introprice).  Beverages not included. 

Rent our gear

You can of course also rent our gear and an expert. You deliver tables and furniture, we deliver our stuff (consoles, candles, plants etc) ! You can also rent couches and chairs for a fee per item. 


Small (a cozy corner):

4 Flatscreens, 4 consolles (Retro, new and/or PS VR)
1 Expert. Only a little hygge.

4000 kr
We roughly need 2 hours to set things up

Medium (a small, cozy room for the small party)
8 Screens: Projector, flatscreen and/or CRT (billedrør)-TV
8 Consoles mixed between Retro, New and PS VR.
2 Experts. Quite some hygge.  

10.000 kr

We roughly need 5 hours to set things up

(Only Screens and Consoles (1 expert): 8.000 kr)

Big (a big and cozy room for the big party!)

12 Screens: Projector, flatscreen and/or CRT (billedrør)-TV
12 Consolles mixed between Retro, New and PS VR.
3 Experts. A whole lot of hygge.

We roughly need 7 hours to set things up. 

12.000 kr

(Only Screens and Consoles (1 expert): 10.000 kr)

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