Visit us / FAQ

How to visit us:

Before arriving you have two options:

Meet up at the café or make a reservation.

Meet up at the café – we should have room for everyone and some free consoles at all time. That’s our goal at least 🙂

Make a reservation: Write to us and reserve a console:
You need to pay for at least 1 person, when reserving by using mobilepay. Pay 50 kr to 61 69 62 89. No refunds, since we have to make sure that the console is ready for you on your arrival. 🙂

At our place

Yes, you can change games:

You are welcome to change games on whatever you like! We find the best games to choose from, but you choose what you want to play!!
We have more than a thousand games in total, but only like 300 to choose from on the day. Write to us if you want us to play something special (needs a reservation for the day. Read more under Make a Reservation at the top)

Find our catalogue on here

If you are totally sweet, you make sure the console is running with a game, when you leave it. This helps other peolpe find the station!

When arriving

Go to the bar and yell HI! Then we will shut up and take your money. 50 kr per person for the whole day!

If you have made a reservation tell us that. Then we won’t take your money twice.

Choose a station you want to play at. If the console is of the newer generations, we will have like 90% of the catalogue digitally, which means you need to find it on the console.

Retro consoles have physical games, which means you need to ask for it. Find our catalogue here.

We have room for 34 players at one time (if all consoles are used by 2-4 players)

The Entrance Fee

We take a small 50 kr entrance fee. This is a way to make sure, that everybody who plays pays. Also our bar is cheap, so we think it’s a good way to make sure that everybody supports us and the we will hand our beers a bit cheaper. 🙂

The Entrance Fee is for a whole day. YES, you can come at 14:00 and game. Go out, have a pizza and come back and 20:00. But please do tell us your plan, since it might not be the same bar-crew at night 😉


Kids are totally welcome. But, since kids are eager and (sometimes) inexperienced, they need more help than adults. This is why we ask a full price for kids – and why we ask you to play with your kids! Also remember that this is a place where people drink beer in the evenings. Saturday at 1400-2000 is the best time to bring kids!

We love showing your kids this special place and see their eagerness and happy faces!

Because of corona we can only sell you chips, candy and nuts. But we have a great, vegan place just next to us (Hverdagen) and you are totally welcome to go down there and come back.

We do have seating without consoles plugged in

So bring your friends who just want to chat (and then make them game when they give in!!!)


We think that to experience the games, you need at least a certain amount of sound. Sometimes we will turn the volume up or down on your game, but if you feel it’s to low just ask us to turn the volume up!!