About Us

The team behind Kaf’ og Konsol consists of lots of volunteers and the founders – three friends who wanted to scale up their couch gaming and share it with lots of people.

Jess Berntsen, has a background as a teacher.  He is the founder and driving force behind Kaf’ & Konsol. He is passionate about the social aspect of gaming and has, through decades of  enthusiasm, amassed a number of consoles and games, which he now shares at the bar.

Billede af Emil BjørnEmil Bjørn, has a background in engineering. Aside from gaming he has an great interest in technology and enjoys keeping the plethora of gear and games used for the project in neatly organised systems. He contributes with graphic design, development of the bar technically etc.


Marie Brøns Nørgaard joins the party with an entrepreneurial background and a more casual approach to gaming. She contributes with business development, graphic design and a more casual view on the concept.


Our team of Volunteers consist of a great mix people. Women and men, ultra game-enthusiasts and people who just love our concept. From around 20 to 50 years old.

If you want to help, you can too: Just write to hygge@kafogkonsol.dk. At the moment we are not looking for help at the bar; but if you can help with Graphics, know about crowdfunding, have knowledge about making our webpage better, want to help with our gamecatalogue or something similar, then please write!