About our events

Kaf & Konsol: The Concept

Inspired by evenings of gaming and red wine in our own living room, we aim to create a space where everybody can enjoy social gaming and a cup of quality coffee or a craft beer. As we couldn’t fit that many people into our own flat, we moved into KraftWerket where we host events every three months with 20 consoles and a library of over 400 co-op games. We have everything from the oldest Nintendo to the newest PlayStation, but our main focus is on making gaming a social experience to be enjoyed with friends. That’s why we have four controllers for each of our consoles, so our guests can enjoy all their favourite games together. To create the living room atmosphere, we add rugs, armchairs and candles, and in the bar, we serve quality coffee, craft beers and quirky sodas. We take a small entrance fee so anyone can join, but we can still improve the experience.

Apart from our own events, we also guest star in external events such as KraftWerket’s birthday celebration and Valby Kulturdage. At these events, we typically set up 4-5 stations with selected consoles to give a taste of what we can offer at our full events.